The risk of heart disease is increasing among young people!

Excessive stress at work, mental tension, along with filling the stomach with fast food when hungry – increases the risk of fatty heart.

Nilanjan of thirty years. Working in a multinational organization. Within a month, chest pain suddenly came into the office. When taken to the hospital, it was found to be a heart attack. Lavani was teaching in college. Suddenly intense pressure in the chest. Somehow, when taken to a nearby nursing home, it was revealed that he had a mild attack in his mid-thirties.

Excessive stress at work, emotional tension, and filling the stomach with fast food when hungry. Sometimes get up and smoke a cigarette. Due to getting used to this habit day after day, little diabetes, thyroid, obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol-triglyceride diseases are entering their body. All these reasons lead to accumulation of fat around the heart. Diseases like fatty heart are nesting in the body.

What is fatty heart?

We are now more or less aware of fatty liver. Especially those who have regular drinking habit, many of them suffer from fatty liver problem. But the awareness about fatty heart is still not that much. In this case, a layer of fat around the heart begins to fall.

If this lining becomes too thick, it can cause inflammation inside the body. And because of that, various types of physical discomfort are involved. Having a fatty heart increases the risk of stroke and heart attack. Other heart diseases can also occur as a result.

How to avoid this disease?

Diet and exercise – these two aspects are important to pay special attention to. Keep track of how many calories you burn regularly. This disease mainly depends on the lifestyle. If you do not exercise at all, the risk of fatty heart increases.

Then you have to think about food. Exercising more calories than what you are getting from food? Are you regularly eating more than you need? That is why fat accumulates around the heart.

How to understand the problem of fatty heart?

Fatty heart problems do not have any symptoms. But other heart problems can increase the risk of fatty heart. However, if there is a fatty heart problem, it is detected in CT scan. But usually CT scan is not done to check for fatty heart. If there are other problems, doctors ask for a CT scan. Fatty heart problem can be detected then.

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