Should heart patients stay awake watching the World Cup?

With the football world cup, the city’s frenzy is now high! Eight to eighty, no one is behind. The young generation gathers with their friends in various cafes of the city to watch the game. Breakfast in hand with coffee and eyes on the TV screen.

The sixties are not far behind. Night after night watching exciting football matches! Football fans now turn their attention to the last two games. France-Morocco semi-final and final on 18th. Is it good to watch the game at night for the 60s? For those with heart disease, can watching these exciting football matches have harmful effects on the body?

During the 2006 World Cup in Germany, Brazil, and England, various studies were conducted by collecting hospital records. According to the study, the number of hospitalizations due to heart disease increased by about 9 percent during the World Cup.

According to this study, those who experienced heart problems while watching sports were mostly male and over sixty years of age. Additionally, according to a study in Germany during the 2006 World Cup, almost half of these patients had pre-existing heart problems. Kolkata Medical College and Hospital doctor Imran Ahmed said, “I see a lot of excitement among everyone about football. Many are watching the game at night.

However, those with heart problems should be extra careful while watching the game. If you forget to take the heart medicine in the excitement of the game, it can cause problems. Eight hours of sleep is also very important. If it’s late at night while watching the game, then you should make sure that you get enough sleep.

Have fun, enjoy the game. No need to worry too much about it. Those with high blood pressure or pre-existing heart disease should take care of themselves while watching the game. Don’t get too excited!”

What should heart patients take care of while watching the game?

1) Do not eat fried food while watching the game. Makhana, popcorn can be eaten as snacks.

2) Don’t sit in one place for a long time and watch the game. Get up and walk occasionally.

3) No sipping soft drinks or drinking alcohol while watching the game.

4) Don’t get angry if your favorite team loses or plays badly. Remember, it’s just a game, there’s no point in harming your body.

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