One-third suffer from cerebral palsy after corona disease: Research

One-third of people who recover from being infected with the corona disease (Covid19) suffer from various brain diseases. The study, published in The Lancet Psychiatry, found that one in three corona sufferers has symptoms of chronic mental health or neurological problems.

This information was given in the report of CNN online on Wednesday (March 7). Researchers say that 34% of people who recover from coronavirus (Covid19) develop neurological or mental problems within six months of being infected.

Studies have shown that people who recover after being infected suffer the most from anxiety. This problem is seen in 17%. Problems with mood swings are seen in 14%. Nervous problems have been found to be more severe in patients admitted to the hospital with corona disease.

“Our findings suggest that coronary heart disease and mental health are more common after corona than flu or other respiratory infections,” said Maxim Taquet, a fellow at the University of Oxford who co-authored the study.

Maxim commented that it remains to be seen what happens to the infected six months after the infection. Researchers say the study could play a role in helping people recover from corona effect.

The scope of the study was quite large. The study analyzed the electronic health data of more than 236,000 Corona patients. Researchers found that people with corona had a 44% higher risk of developing neurological and mental illness than those recovering from the flu.

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