Increased foot pain in winter?

Running around all day. Sitting in the same chair for hours in the office. a walk Everything has an effect on the feet. It also tells you when you go to sleep at night after working all day. Almost everyone suffers from foot pain.

He has rash even after waking up in the morning. As soon as he got up from the bed and threw it on the floor, his feet told him that he was tired. Foot pain is mainly caused by nerves. You will get comfort if you follow some things when you return home everyday.

Hot water

Take hot water in a pot. Add a little more salt to the water. Place another small pot of boiling hot water on the side. This time, dip the leaves of two feet in a pot of water mixed with salt. Slowly curl the fingers inwards, open outwards. When the water gets a little cold, keep mixing little by little from the hot water kept on the side. Do this for at least half an hour.


Use more olive oil or foot cream. Move up from the heel to the top of the foot to massage with finger pressure down the middle of the sole of the foot. Massage the plantar nerves with gentle pressure. Continue for as long as you feel comfortable.

Foot roller

It is also available for purchase at any store. Place the roller on the ground and sit on the chair with your feet on it. Slowly rotate the legs. It will be like a bread bowl. Do this for a few days. You will benefit. However, you can consult a doctor before buying a roller.

The ice

Painful feet are often very swollen. If so, there is nothing to panic. Take some ice in a bowl. Sit for a while with your feet lightly on the ice. You will get relief. However, if you follow this trick in winter, you may catch a cold. So don’t take too much ice. You can wrap ice in a cotton cloth and gently massage your feet. You will benefit.

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