Height can decrease with age? Who is at greater risk?

Bones deteriorate with age. One of the bone diseases that attack most people is osteoporosis. Experts have said that although there are no special symptoms initially, severe back pain starts with increasing age in this disease.

Even, body height can be reduced! Spinal cord length decreases as the disc, which is essentially a disc, becomes dehydrated. However, this can also happen with multi-layered fractures of the vertebral bones.

A variety of problems can arise from bone loss, not just osteoporosis. It increases after the age of forty. Experts say that the best tool to deal with such problems is proper diet.

What to eat?

Calcium: This element is the best friend of bones. An adult male needs 1000 mg of calcium daily. For women this level is 1200 mg. The best source of calcium is milk. But for those who cannot consume milk and milk products, it is recommended to eat dark green vegetables. Spinach, cabbage and turnips are rich in calcium.

Magnesium and Zinc: These two elements are also very important in maintaining bone health. Magnesium is found in pumpkin seeds, various nuts and spinach. Zinc can be found in meat, eggs or pulses.

Vitamins: Vitamin D and Vitamin K are very important in bone care. Vitamin D is usually produced in the skin after some time in the sun. Apart from that, a large amount of vitamin D is also found in various marine fishes. Vitamin K is found in green vegetables.

Protein is equally important in maintaining bone health. Many people take various supplements to maintain good bone health. However, it is important to consult a doctor before consuming such supplements.

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