How important is it to take the fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine?

How important is it to take the fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine? The fear of corona epidemic has decreased but the infection has not stopped. To prevent infection, the fourth dose of the coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine has started to be given to the people of the country on Tuesday.

This vaccination will be given at permanent vaccination centers across the country. Corona frontline fighters, over 60s suffering from various complex diseases and pregnant women will get this vaccine.

The fourth dose can be taken four months after the third dose. Persons above 60 years of age, who have already received the third dose, will be vaccinated under this programme. But in the meantime, there is a lot of discussion about the fourth dose—whether this dose is needed or not, who needs more, etc.

What the research says

Studies have shown that the fourth dose of the Covid-19 vaccine is safe. This dose significantly increases antibody concentration and immunity. Studies to date have found no vaccine-related serious adverse side effects after the fourth dose. Common side effects were injection site pain and fatigue.

High antibody levels were observed even before the fourth dose in some participants and showed little evidence of an increase after the fourth dose. This trend has also been observed in people previously infected with Covid, the researchers said, suggesting that a fourth dose may not increase immunity to Covid as much if baseline levels are high.

Protection for the elderly

Israel became the first country to start administering the fourth dose last January. It is given first to people aged 60 years and above. Pfizer also approves a fourth dose of the vaccine for high-risk individuals. According to their data on how effective the fourth dose was in preventing population transmission and severe Covid disease, the rate of severe Covid patients at month one of the dose was 3.5 times lower than in the three-dose group.

Those with low immunity

A study from Imperial College London found that immunocompromised patients had low or insufficient antibody responses after three doses, which are ineffective in preventing Covid. So they need a fourth dose to get detectable antibodies.

The future of booster doses

Several vaccine manufacturers around the world are now trying to develop a joint vaccine; It is believed to be more effective than current vaccines. Some companies are trying to make a vaccine by combining the RSV vaccine made for the flu with the corona vaccine. It is expected to hit the market by 2023.

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