How to Get Emergency Ambulance service

An Ambulance is a vehicle for transporting sick or injured people to, form, or between places of medical treatment. Ambulances are equipped with special equipment and trainded personnel to provide emergency medical care.

The most common type of Ambulance service is the ground Ambulance, Which is typically a van or truck outfitted with medical equipment. Air ambulance, which can be either helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft, are used when time is critical or when transport by ground ambulance is not possible.

Both types of Ambulance provide patient transportaiton and basic life support (BLS) care, which includes stabizing the patient’s condition and managing any life-thratening conditions. Some Ambulances also have advanced life support ( ALS) capabilities and can provide more intensive care, such as administering intravenous fluids and medications, performing CPR, and using a defibrilator.

Types of Ambulance service:

There are four types of Ambulance service in Bangladesh. There are very importance for peatients carry in save.

  • Ac Ambulance service
  • Non-Ac Ambulance service
  • Freezing Ambulance service
  • Life support ICU Ambulance service

Ac Ambulance service:

Ac ambulance service is better than Non-ac ambulance service for patients. Ac ambulance is reliable for patients and attendance. This ambulance service rent is something more than Non-ac ambulance rent. With the patients or dead body  generally can be seat 7/ 8 peoples beside him. 24/7 hours ambulance service available in Dhaka.

Non-Ac Ambulance service:

The Non-Ac Ambulance Service Providers in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We provide 24-hour emergency ambulance services in cities and district level cities. We also provide Ac ambulance service which arranges an ambulance in the city. It is a vehicle without an air conditioning system. Non-Ac ambulance service is the lowest at price. When people face an emergency, they are tense about the cost of the service. Non-Ac ambulances will be the first choice for them. Non-Ac ambulances have almost the same facilities as Ac ambulances. You can customize to your needs. Don’t worry about charges. All of these benefits are free. You don’t have to pay for it. The non-Ac ambulance service from us is an ambulance service in Dhaka city. It is a perfect service for people with limited income

Freezing ambulance service:

freezing Ambulance used to carry and save the dead body. A freezing Ambulance is a vehicale for transportation of the dead body or Lash.

The freezing ambulance is the best than others ambulance. A freezer ambulance is specially designed to go longer hours. The ambulance is designed with an inbuilt freezer, which keeps the body utterly cooled and frozen. A freezer ambulance is a dead body carrier ambulance so people call it’s dead body carrier ambulance ( Lash Bahi Ambulance).

It has frozen box in it. The freezer ambulance can intact the dead body several hours and days. People who wants to keep their relatives dead body intact or save then should be used the freezing ambulance service. The dead body is kept all time temperature of -7 to -20 degree.

In freezer ambulance, the dead body is normally kept at a certain temperature (-07). It ensures that no bad smell from the body comes out. Also you can customize the ambulance temperature as per your need.

If you want to move your near or relative’s dead body to anywhere, using a freezer Van or freezer Ambulance will be a wise decision.

Otherwise, this can cause you may unwanted issues which you may not like afterwards. say Good-Bye to your loved ones with proper Affection an Love!  If you need freezing ambulance service then contact us, will provide your latest model freezing ambulance with Granted Hi-Quality service.

Emergency Ambulance Service:

Emergency Ambulance Service is available in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We provide different types of ambulance services in all districts of Bangladesh. 24 Hours ambulance service is available. When you need emergency ambulance service just then contact us.

Why you need Ambulance service?

An Ambulance service is a vehicle for emergencey medical transport of sick or injured people to, from or between places of treatment. Ambulances are equipeed with flashing lights and sirens to clear the way for a faster response, and they are staffed by trainded professionals who can provide life-saving care on the way to the bospital. If you have ever been in an accident or had a madical emerency, you know how importanct it is to have an Ambulance nearby. But what are some other reasons why you need Ambulance service?. In this blog post, We will explore 10 reasons why Ambulance service is essential, both for individuals and for communities.

When should you call an Ambulance?

When you are having a medical emergency, every second counts, You may be unsure of whether or not your situation warrants calling an ambuance. In general, If you are experiencing any of the following, you should call 999 for Assistance.

  • Trouble brathing
  • Chest pain
  • Stroke symptoms
  • Uncontrollable bleeding
  • Severe burns
  • Suspected head or spinal injury
  • Loss of consciousness

What are the benefits of using an Ambulance service?

There are many benefits of using an Ambulance service. some of these benefits include:

1. Ambulance service can provide you or your patients with medical care in a timely manner.

2. Ambulance service can help you to transport to the hospital in a safe and efficient manner.

3. The Ambulance services can provide you with peace of mind knowing that you wil receve medical care if you need it.

If you need emergency ambulance service than contact us. We provide emergency ambulance service from differnt disticts all over Bangladesh. 24 Hours Ambulance service is available, so If you need any types of Ambulance service than contact in Helpline. We are always ready to provide the service for you.

Contact for Ambulance service:

Helpline: 01911125156

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