Drill in hospital to fight Corona in India

The central government of India has created a blueprint for a comprehensive response to the new threat of Corona. Accordingly, on Tuesday, some government hospitals of all the states of the country started the Covid drill.

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandavi himself supervised him at Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital. The purpose of this drill is how to deal with the situation if the infection suddenly escalates.

A source in the Union Health Ministry told on Tuesday that the government had to listen to a lot of criticism when Covid started in 2020. During the second wave, the entire country’s health services collapsed.

All precautions are being taken to ensure that this latest form of covid does not bring back the old fears in the public mind and that the health services are not disrupted. The main purpose of this drill is to be prepared for any situation.

How many beds are reserved for Covid patients in some government hospitals in different states, how many intensive care facilities like ICCU, how much oxygen is stored, the number of beds with oxygen – or how many, all the information will be communicated to everyone from Tuesday.

The Health Minister informed this on Tuesday and said that so that the infected patient does not have to run from one hospital to another, one can check online how many beds are available in which hospital in which state. He said that 104 crore rupees have been given to hospitals in Delhi, so that they can buy necessary medicines.

Corona in India

Drill in hospital to fight Corona in India

During the first and second waves, many voluntary organizations, ordinary people and government-initiated Covid-warriors worked day and night. That database is being included in the new service.

A notice was issued last Monday that the teachers of government aided schools of the Delhi government and the municipality will be deployed at the airport for 24 hours. It was said that the teachers will see if the passengers are following the Covid rules properly or not.

The Disaster Management Department decided to deploy more than 100 teachers in three shifts for this monitoring as schools were closed. The Delhi government withdrew the order last Wednesday due to the objection of teachers. From December 31 to January 15, personnel of the Civilian Defense Department will now be assigned to that task.

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