China is canceling the quarantine of those returning from abroad

China has announced the cancellation of mandatory quarantine rules for people returning from abroad. According to the announcement, this rule will no longer be effective from January 8. This information is known from the BBC report.

Since 2020, under the ‘Zero Corona Policy’, strict corona restrictions have been going on in China. Recently, residents of many cities of the country took to the streets to protest against the restrictions. The Chinese government then lifted most of the restrictions earlier this month. Since then, the number of corona infections in the country has increased.

Medical personnel said they were struggling to cope with the situation. Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged the country’s officials to do everything possible to save lives.

Recently, China has stopped publishing the number of infected and dead people. However, it is believed that thousands of people are dying every day in the country. Quarantine is mandatory for all travelers arriving in China from March 2020. This rule is still in effect.

But now the quarantine period has been reduced. The quarantine period has been reduced from three weeks to five days. But this time, according to the new rules, Covid will be downgraded from ‘A’ infectious disease to ‘B’ infectious disease. This means that the quarantine will no longer be effective.

China is canceling the quarantine of those returning from abroad

China is canceling the quarantine of those returning from abroad

For three years, China’s National Health Commission (NHC) has been publishing daily data on the number of people infected with the virus. However, the commission said that they will no longer publish this information from Sunday local time.

The NHC said in a statement that the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will provide the Corona-related data for the study. However, it is not known how often the CDC will update the information related to Covid-19.

In China, the infection of the coronavirus has increased again. Corona restrictions have been tightened in the country. In this situation, it is feared that the crisis may increase due to the lack of sufficient information about the transmission of the coronavirus.

The NHC has not reported any deaths due to the spread of the novel coronavirus. In China, death is not considered to be a death from the coronavirus unless death is due to pneumonia or lung infection after being infected with the coronavirus. However, health experts worldwide have raised objections to the matter.

Airfinity, a British-based health information provider, reports an average of 5,000 deaths per day in China. More than 1 million people are infected with corona.

In late November, China began to record daily infections of the coronavirus. The NHS did not include asymptomatic patients as corona patients this month. As a result, it has become difficult to determine the actual number of corona patients.

Testing for the coronavirus in China is relatively low. China has been accused of concealing data on the number of infections and deaths from the virus.

Like China, the United States does not provide daily data on the number of people infected with the virus. Instead of a daily count, the United States gives a weekly count of corona infections.

The World Health Organization has said that it has not received information on how many people infected with the corona virus have been admitted to hospitals in China. Recently, various models and reports say that 2 million people have died due to corona in rural China.

In one city in China, 5 lakh people are diagnosed with corona virus in a day

China is struggling to cope with the shock of Corona. Hospitals under pressure from patients. Cemetery workers have to speed up cremation. In the meantime, a health official in Qingdao, China’s Shandong province said that an average of 500,000 people are infected with corona every day in the city. The situation in many other cities is almost the same.

The health officer’s name is Bo Tao. A media controlled by China’s ruling Communist Party published his statement on Friday. There, he said, 490,000 to 530,000 people are infected with corona in Qingdao city. Infections may rise by another 10 percent by the end of this week.

However, there is a big difference in the information provided by the National Health Commission of China. According to their calculations today Saturday, in the previous 24 hours, a total of 4 thousand 103 people have been infected with corona in China. No one died during this time. And in Shandong province, only 31 people were infected with the virus on the same day.

Meanwhile, many Chinese media reported on the health official in Qingdao. However, before this morning, they removed the information of 500,000 cases per day from the report. This, however, is not surprising. Because the government of the country has been monitoring the Chinese media for a long time.

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