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Ways to Lower Blood Cholesterol

Ways to lower blood cholesterol : Cholesterol is an essential component of our body. It participates in the nervous system, hormone production, fat and new cell formation. But the problem becomes acute only when it becomes excessive in the blood as compared to the requirement.

What to do to reduce the risk of heart attack?

What to do to reduce the risk of heart attack? The number of people suffering from heart disease is constantly increasing. Worryingly, young people are also affected. If you are a little aware, the risk of heart attack can be avoided a lot. Heart attack can be caused due to

How to Get Emergency Ambulance service

An Ambulance is a vehicle for transporting sick or injured people to, form, or between places of medical treatment. Ambulances are equipped with special equipment and trainded personnel to provide emergency medical care. The most common type of Ambulance service is the ground

Should heart patients stay awake watching the World Cup?

With the football world cup, the city's frenzy is now high! Eight to eighty, no one is behind. The young generation gathers with their friends in various cafes of the city to watch the game. Breakfast in hand with coffee and eyes on the TV screen. The sixties are not far

Why weight increases, why decreases

Weight is not a static thing. Its fluctuation is very normal. Average adult weight gain may be 1 to 2 kilograms (2.2–4.4 lb) less or more in a day or several days. You need to know why this happens. Carbohydrates Carbohydrates are not the enemy, but a source of energy.

Increased foot pain in winter?

Running around all day. Sitting in the same chair for hours in the office. a walk Everything has an effect on the feet. It also tells you when you go to sleep at night after working all day. Almost everyone suffers from foot pain. He has rash even after waking up in the

Feeling tired after waking up From Sleep?

Iron deficiency in the blood of boys and girls is also a big problem these days. And the lack of iron in the blood can cause various complications later. Be careful if you see any signs? In our busy life, we don't give much importance to our body. Then this thought comes to

Follow these tips to prevent AIDS

Many people know about the horrors of AIDS. However, awareness has not been developed at every level of society. When infected with HIV virus, the symptoms that appear in the last stage of the patient are collectively called 'AIDS'. Everyone should be aware of any lifestyle