7 ways to prevent kidney disease

Kidney disease is complex as well as expensive to treat. Long-term kidney failure ultimately leads to dialysis or kidney transplantation. In our country, these two treatments are beyond the ability and mastery of common people.

Kidneys not only purify the body’s blood or remove waste; Blood cell formation, bone health, blood pressure control, maintaining water and salt balance and other important functions. So when the kidney is damaged, it affects everything.

The main causes of kidney failure are uncontrolled diabetes and high blood pressure, inflammation or glomerulonephritis – which can also occur in children, stones, cancer, etc., along with poisoning from various drugs and chemicals.

If we are a little aware, we can prevent long-term kidney road from these. One. Uncontrolled high blood pressure damages the kidneys. For those in the family over 40, measure blood pressure regularly, take medication if high. Salt is absolutely forbidden.

7 ways to prevent kidney disease

If the blood pressure is a little high, there is nothing wrong, or if there is no problem, there is no need for medicine and food – get rid of this idea. Elderly people often forget to take their medication, or don’t realize that their blood pressure is rising. Pay special attention to them.

Two. Uncontrolled diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure in Bangladesh. Blood sugar must be kept below the desired level. Check your blood sugar regularly and consult your doctor. People with diabetes should have their kidneys tested at least once or twice a year. Remember, diabetes can happen to anyone. Can happen at any age at any time.

Three. Kidney disease is also associated with obesity. This year’s (2017) Kidney Day theme was overweight and kidney disease. Obesity has been shown to be associated with kidney stones, cancer and long-term kidney disease. Apart from this, weight gain also increases the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. So exercise regularly. lose weight It will also reduce the risk of kidney disease like other diseases.

Four. Don’t buy medicine from the store whenever you want. There are many drugs that can be harmful to the kidneys. Many drugs can cause kidney problems in overdose. Herbs, herbal medicines, extra vitamin calcium supplements can also be harmful.

Extreme caution is necessary with any medicine for children. A little bit here and there can be a serious obstacle to the prevention of kidney disease. So be careful, never take medicine without doctor’s advice.

Five. Smoking impairs blood flow to the kidneys. Apart from this, the risk of kidney cancer also increases. Avoid smoking altogether. Children and women are victims of second-hand smoke. Quitting smoking is important for everyone’s safety.

Six. Develop a balanced diet in the family. A lot of vegetables and fruits should be eaten. Eat less red meat. There is no saying that drinking more water will keep your kidneys healthy. But drink enough water according to the weather. Make sure children drink enough water at school. Urinary retention is bad. Pay attention to personal and toilet hygiene to avoid urinary tract infections.

Seven. As you get older, especially if you have high blood pressure and diabetes, get regular urine tests and other tests if needed to check your kidney health. Be alert if you notice any exceptions. Children also have kidney inflammation. Signs of decreased urination, redness and water retention in the body. If so, do not delay in seeking treatment.

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