One-third suffer from cerebral palsy after corona disease: Research

One-third of people who recover from being infected with the corona disease (Covid19) suffer from various brain diseases. The study, published in The Lancet Psychiatry, found that one in three corona sufferers has symptoms of chronic mental health or neurological problems.

Why does Ronaldo sleep five times a day?

Dedication to work is required to maintain reputation. And for that there is no alternative to following routine in daily life, healthy food and exercise. Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo also understands the meaning of this word. The daily routine of this footballer is arranged in

Follow these tips to prevent AIDS

Many people know about the horrors of AIDS. However, awareness has not been developed at every level of society. When infected with HIV virus, the symptoms that appear in the last stage of the patient are collectively called 'AIDS'. Everyone should be aware of any lifestyle

Feeling tired after waking up From Sleep?

Iron deficiency in the blood of boys and girls is also a big problem these days. And the lack of iron in the blood can cause various complications later. Be careful if you see any signs? In our busy life, we don't give much importance to our body. Then this thought comes to